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Limited Assistance Representation Attorney in Massachusetts

Erin Whelan Pennock, Esq. is trained and certified as a Limited Assistance Representation ( also known as "LAR") Attorney and offers this as a cost effective way to tailor her legal representation in a practical and cost effective way that works for her family law client. The practice of limited assistance representation started out as pilot program in Massachusetts but has since grown to become increasingly popular. While the traditional model of practice has involved an attorney receiving a large retainer to represent you throughout the entirety of a case, this growing Massachusetts legal practice allows for client to have an attorney assist them in a specific aspect of their case, hearing, filing, or simple negotiation. Attorney Erin Whelan Pennock can discuss your case and needs and whether LAR is a feasible option your case.

Duties of an Attorney Hired for Limited Assistance Representation

When an attorney for LAR is secured, the client and the attorney together draft an agreement pertaining to the specific nature and scope of the representation. There will be a clear set of rules and specifics outlining what portion of litigation or what specific areas of a case the limited assistance attorney may assist with or be responsible for. Both the client and the attorney must fully negotiate the terms to ensure costs and time involved in any particular case or hearing. For example, a limited assistance attorney may come to court on a specific day but otherwise not be involved in other aspects of the case or they may act as an advisor when a client is preparing to represent themselves.

Common Reasons for Investing in Limited Assistance Representation

There are typically a variety of factors that may lead a client to choose LAR in Massachusetts. For some clients, the hearing or case may not warrant full representation. If a client only needs assistance in preparing legal documents and organizing materials relevant to their case or position, yet they feel completely comfortable representing themselves before a judge or hearing, LAR is a viable option. For some clients, it is a cost effective way to secure legal advice without paying an exorbitant amount for long-term legal fees they may not be able to afford. There is a segment of the population that may not qualify for free legal assistance through the state yet they can't afford to hire or retain an attorney for a significant amount of time. LAR is an innovative way to tap into the legal advice and guidance you need and still have the independence to navigate the legal system in the way that best suits your needs.

Erin Whelan Pennock, Esq. has extensive experience in the field of LAR and can effectively incorporate your specific needs and requirements. She can adeptly explain where her expertise and resources may be of benefit and will negotiate an agreement and fee plan that best suits your needs and can help ensure the best possible outcome for your individual case.

Call today at 617-610-8098 or via email at to schedule a free consultation.

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Woburn MA, Burlington, Belmont, Lexington, Watertown, Waltham, Arlington, Medford, Cambridge, Winchester, Wilmington, North reading, Melrose, Lowell, Chelmsford, Andover, Bedford, Billerica, Dracut, Lawrence, Methuen, North Andover, Tewksbury, Westford, Wilmington, Newton, Wellesley, Wayland, Sudbury, Weston, Acton, Concord, Lincoln and Brookline