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Divorce and Post Divorce Lawyers, MA

The entire divorce process can be emotionally and financially taxing on everyone involved. Even under the best of circumstances, the process can be very complicated and can involve virtually every aspect of a couple's lives. The process of finalizing a divorce often takes months and there can be any variety issues that bind a couple together and lead to post divorce issues that require just as much attention as the divorce itself. It is important to secure legal representation that will not only be there to fight for your rights and act as an advocate for you during the divorce, but also representation that will be there to fight for your rights when post divorce issues come about.

Divorce Matters

A divorce can encompass so many areas of your life and it is paramount that you have clear-headed and qualified legal counsel on your side. During a divorce, matters such as child custody, child support, spousal support, medical or life insurance, division of property including the house and cars, division of bank accounts, division of retirement accounts and savings, tax debts, other financial debts and liabilities all need to be allocated and resolved. One spouse may also have had the burden of supplying health insurance for the other and a divorce can mean an end to that coverage. A focused and motivated legal representative will be able to analyze every aspect of the divorce and negotiate a fair and equitable settlement of all of those issues. If negotiations or mediations with the other side fall apart or come to a stalemate, your legal counsel will then have to vigorously fight in court to ensure your rights are protected through the entire process.

Post Divorce Matters

Once a divorce has been finalized, there may be situations that arise that warrant the advice, guidance and advocacy of legal counsel again. After a divorce, life circumstances may affect your ex-spouse and therefore affect you. There may also be changes in your own life that warrant revisiting an original divorce agreement. Post divorce modifications can be necessary if one spouse changes jobs or decides to move out of state with the children. Or, there may simply be times when one spouse decides to deliberately not uphold the original agreement. A dedicated divorce attorney will help clients deal with post divorce complications such as changes in child support, changes in alimony, changes in child custody agreements, a need to address school issues that may arise such tuition costs, special needs issues that may warrant long term care for a child, changes in medical insurance coverage or a whole host of other life circumstances that may lead to necessary modifications of a divorce agreement.

For both divorce cases and post divorce matters, it may be necessary for an attorney to not only represent your best interests, but also secure other professionals that may help your case. This can mean securing the services of mental health professionals, appraisers, accountants or representatives for the children involved.

Erin Whelan Pennock, Esq. is the experienced and impassioned choice for those who seek fair settlement of divorce issues and also want to secure reliable representation of any post divorce issues. Whether by a successfully mediated settlement or by vigorously fighting for you in court, Erin Whelan Pennock, Esq. can help you garner the best possible result for even the most difficult divorce situations now and in the future.

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